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A Gypsy's Kiss

The Adventure of a Lifetime Awaits!

Join the hunt for $10,000 in treasure! To find this fortune, you will need to interpret hints, discover secrets, and explore distant locations. Be the first to decipher the clues, and the riches will be yours!

Discover the Legend Behind the Treasure!

Based on a true story, "A Gypsy's Kiss" is  an exhilarating coming-of-age tale that contains the secrets to hidden riches! Follow renegade Miguel's journey as he discovers adventure, danger and a grand mystery.

Cover Art © 2020 Sean Wells

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"A Gypsy's Kiss; Your Adventure Begins" is your go-to source for the rules of the hunt and helpful tips for interpreting clues. Download this free, special edition e-book and be the first to discover the EXTRA HINT found only within its pages!

About the Authors

Toby Younis

Toby Michael Younis loves to tell stories that bring family traditions to life. Born and raised in Santa Fe, NM, and a decorated Vietnam veteran, Toby spent decades traveling around the world as an intelligence agency government contractor.

Portrait of a man in suit and tie against a brown backdropPortrait of a man in suit and tie against a brown backdrop

Shelley Carney

Shelley Carney, aka the Magical Treasure Princess, is a Life Coach for the Rich and Famous. Her creative power and ceaseless enthusiasm are leveraged to help others find joy and celebration in life.

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The Authors Together

Toby and Shelley launched a treasure-hunting community with their YouTube channel, A Gypsy’s Kiss focused on the Forrest Fenn treasure in 2017. When that treasure was recovered in 2020, they quickly wrote their first novel, "A Gypsy’s Kiss," and created their own treasure hunt with contributions from viewers, friends and dispossessed searchers. Their treasure hunt is based on the example provided by Forrest Fenn and includes a book with hints hidden throughout, and a verse with clues to finding the hidden treasure. There are dozens of stories in Toby’s head, he merely required a compelling reason to write them down. Toby and Shelley have written short screenplays together, winning an award from New Mexico Women in Film and producing a 48-hour narrative film along with a few short documentaries. They describe their writing partnership process as “Toby puts up the tree and Shelley decorates it.”

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