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AGK Geocoin: Nathan Moss, IL, Mystery at the Museum, "Giant City Cache" /Recovered by Bryan & Jill G

Click on the image to open a Google Map with the geo-coordinates to find this cache.

Note from Nemo:

The AGK Geocache is in Giant City State Park in Illinois. It is located at 37degrees 35'41.8"N 89 degrees 11' 35.9"W

There are carvings from the 1800s etched into the walls of that amazing place.

Click here to visit the photo album for "Giant City Cache."

A Note from our first finder (11/7/2020)

Hello Toby and Shelley,

We found Giant City cache today! Thanks for the journey. Big thanks to Nathan (Nemo) and Lakolya.

Bryan and Jill Gates


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